14 reasons to develop Progressive Web Apps

14 reasons to develop Progressive Web Apps

by Alexandra Soloviova May 12, 2018

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are one of the hottest trends in web designing, and more and more people are getting interested in this novelty. Due to the lack of information and experience, many entrepreneurs, owners of online stores and developers are not ready to implement PWA. In this article, we will share 14 significant reasons to develop Progressive Web Apps.

In comparison with native apps

Actually, PWA are considered to be more useful, convenient and beneficial especially in comparison with the majority of native mobile apps:

1. There is no need to go app store to install the PWA. A user doesn’t have to wait until it is set.

2. In average, a Progressive Web Application needs approximately 2 MB. Speaking about a native mobile app, it requires about 25 MB. Often, there is lack of extra phone memory to install one more app. Do you know this feeling?

3. PWA work on any platform and you do not need to install it every time.

4. There is no need to update because PWA provide only fresh content and interface.

Additional advantages

5. PWAs are available with low-quality networks or offline. You do not need the Internet connection to open the app and work in it.

6. It looks like the native app.

7. Provide notifications.

8. SEO improving.

Benefits of PWA for the online store owner

9. Web developers who risked to implement new technology for the first time, claim that PWA designing is much easier in comparison with different sites.

10. Progressive Web Apps are irreplaceable in the field of SEO.

11. In search results, Google raises PWA much higher than other sites.

12. The ability to continue to work with the application when there is a failure in the Internet connection and the increased download speed with PWA will protect you from losing potential conversions and increasing the number of failures.

13. Native apps are usually designed for different platforms. And a customer has to pay quite a lot for this work. Progressive Web Apps guarantee an appropriate functionating on any platform without additional expenses.

14. PWAs are not registered in the app store so its owner is not limited by rules and doesn’t have to pay 30% of sales.

What are you waiting for? It’s now or never!

You must admit that advantageous features of Progressive Web App make us wonder that native mobile applications are going to be fated.

Recode, the technology news website has recently published results of a research: the time of traditional applications has passed, and the percentage of those who uninstall applications are growing.

Moreover, according to statistics, most smartphone users download zero applications per month. Only about one-third of users download at least something, and most of them install one to three applications a month.

So, it should be noted that PWAs are the great variant for those who are searching for a fresh, convenient and progressive application. Follow all the novelties and implement this function to have a modern and attractive website.

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