Are progressive web apps going to kill native apps?

Are progressive web apps going to kill native apps?

by Valentyn Kubrak May 12, 2018

Shortly about apps

Native vs Progressive Web Apps – what is better? It is a really controversial question. Although there are many positive sides and advantages of Native Applications PWAs are going to kill them. Progressive Web Application is considered to be an innovation for consumers which can give them a number of benefits. It includes the best functionality of native apps and at the same time, it provides people with new opportunities such as enabling access through a browser and a URL. So, PWA is a solution for all your business problems which you are facing with.

Offline access

Let’s consider some main advantages of Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps. First of all, it is an opportunity for users to have access to it even offline. It is possible due to the fact that PAW is a website which is able to work without an Internet connection. Service worker ensures it by caching the data when the user is online. And then when there is a poor Internet connection, it is anyway available for clients.

No need for updates

The next advantage is that you will always have its latest version because progressive web applications is a website, so you shouldn’t download it. What is more, PWA is really fast and responsive. When one only tries to download Native App in the App Store, another person who chooses PWA is successfully using it. It also works fast and it doesn’t matter whether you use it online or offline.

Direct URLs

Thirdly, direct URLs. It means that you can share the PWA with everyone you want. Because using Native Apps you should send links to a native app download page which is more difficult and only wastes your time. However, Progressive Web Apps are accessible just in one click.

Load speed and easy navigation

Furthermore, users can benefit not only form fast loading but also from a wide range of smooth animations and navigations. There is also an opportunity of re-engaging with push notifications. Clients will get the good experience on flaky network connections and consistent experience across browsers.


It is important to point out that every user will be provided with the high level of security, privacy, and effectiveness. The problem is that nowadays there are some applications and websites which call users for some information for operating in a more effective way. PWA does not require this data in order to work because it respects the wish to keep confidential information secure and private. What is more, a lot of applications today demands extensive use of cookies while PWAs use a complex code that runs in the cache. It is stored on the device when the client first uses it.


To sum it up, in the nearest future Progressive Web Apps will displace Native Apps because its advantages are clear and sufficient.


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