Examples of PWA

Examples of PWA

by Alexandra Soloviova May 05, 2018


To start with, Progressive Web Apps today become more and more popular among people. The reason is that there are a number of different advantages including push notifications, an opportunity to use it both online and offline and incredibly fast paces of performance. By the way, there are a lot of different PWA examples which can excite everyone with its usefulness. Let`s consider them in a more detailed way.



The first and most sought-after PWA example is the Twitter mobile website. In this case, PWA is so perfect that in the future it can become even the default web experience. There a service worker who deals with caching in order to store emojis. PWA is not only fast and responsive but it can also work in an offline regime. Consequently, in the future, the native Twitter app can be replaced by the PWA in your mobile phone.


The Washington Post


As for news agencies, the Washington Post PWA is a good example of it. Here PWA uses service worker in order to get the most out of the web. Moreover, it can guarantee the highest level of effectiveness. You can be sure that your site will not be affected by anyone. Load times will stay fast and resilient. For getting the best out of service worker caching, there are the Service Worker Precache library and the Service Worker Toolbox library.




Another wonderful PWA example is Flipboard. Thanks to Progressive Web Apps it can provide people with an excellent mobile experience for the web. Though there is a need for content from third-party sources there is service caching which makes the information resilient.


English Accents Map


However, the most interesting PWA example is the English Accents Map site. The essence of it lies in featuring pin markers which currency conversion rates and their placing in regions across the UK and the US. Moreover, if you click on a marker you can see a video from YouTube. In this video, a person who comes from that certain region is speaking with his accent. As a consequence, users have an opportunity to find out more about the differences in spoken English between various areas.



03-currencyx-pwaAnd finally, if you want to exchange currency freely Currency-X is the best variant for it. Being a PWA, it deals with many currencies and works with live data from APIs. It can guarantee its user’s accurate currency conversion rates.


To sum it up, there are a lot of other popular, effective and useful PWA examples such as Pokedex.org, GitHub Explorer, Flipkart, Expense Manager, etc. So, we can see that the interest in Progressive Web Apps is increasing very fast. Use it and benefit from it fully!

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