Frequently Asked Questions

What is PWA?

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) – is a hybrid of the mobile site and the native application. Imagine that your site interacts with a user as an application. So, the user can open it from any device, get notifications and work with it (even without the Internet connection).
More detailed in official google page: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/

What we do ?

Our team provides PWA development & managed services. We have prepared team that is ready to handle specific tasks related to PWA. Our engineers work with Vue Storefront, Ionic Framework.
Also, we have DevOps to help you set up professional infrastructure and integrate PWA with your backend.

Why PWA Cloud?

• Well-prepared team for development of Progressive Web Apps;
• First Vue Storefront Developers;
• Integration services with your current backend systems;
• Full-cycle of PWA development (design, development, hosting, support);
• Full-Stack JS developers.

Will it be responsive?

Yes, fully responsive because this application is optimized for mobile apps. Therefore you should consider only responsive HTML.

Can you create design?

Of course, we have designers, who can prepare design

Can I use ready HTML template?

Yes, you can just send us ready HTML template (responsive). And we will implement your design in Progressive Web Application.

Will PWA works on mobile?

Surely. This is the main reason why you should consider PWA instead of the Native mobile app.

Which hosting do you support?

We work with popular cloud hostings:

• Amazon Web Services
• Digital Ocean
• Vultr
• Google Cloud Platform
• Linode

Also, we can install software on your separate dedicated server.

What are your prices?

Vue Storefront Installation
Price: $349 per installation
It includes next work:

• Help in choosing a hosting
• Setup Server Software
• Installing Vue Storefront on the server

Development & Customization Services
Price: $50 per hour
This service consists of next work:

• PWA Development from scratch
• Customization and adding new features
• Integration with your platforms, CMS
• Development of templates

Price: $40 per hour
We can offer you next types of work:

• Development of mockups
• UX / UI Consultation

Do you have a refund?

Yes, if you made an advance payment for the project and for some reason decided to stop the development. In this case, we can return the amount of work that was not done by us.

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