Progressive Web Apps on iOS

Progressive Web Apps on iOS

by Valentyn Kubrak May 16, 2018


To start with, this news is really exciting! Progressive Web Apps have now appeared on iOS. Consequently, Apple has added support for the basic set of PWA with iOS 11.3. First of all, let us remind you what a PWA is. There are a lot of definitions for it, but in general, it is an application which was created with the help of Web technologies. The main advantage of it is that you shouldn’t download it or sign in. It is available both offline and like an app, which you can install in the operating system. However, you cannot download it in App Store, so it forced PWAs to be in the store.

No tests

But it was in the past! Now you are able to install PWA iOS with no need to receive App Store approval. But in order not to confuse its users, Apple didn’t mention it. So, Progressive Web Apps iOS shouldn’t pass any App Store quality test. It just runs under the security and execution model of the browser or the Web Platform. It means that everyone can create and publish applications without App Store approval. For example, you can create for your employees an internal app.

Key abilities

It is important to point out, that like any app PWA iOS can run on Safari or other websites. Or it can work also in standalone mode. Furthermore, there are some key abilities of Progressive Web Apps iOS that are available for every user including:

  • Geolocation;
  • sensors (such as magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope)
  • camera;
  • audio output;
  • speech synthesis (but you should have your headsets connected);
  • Apple pay;
  • WebAssembly, WebRTC, WebGL and many other experimental features.

If you have already a PWA, it will work on iOS right away after updating to iOS 11.3. There is no need to opt-in for iOS. It is really a big advantage that every PWA is available for installation. All in all, choose Progressive Web Apps on iOS and benefit fully from it!

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