PWA for eCommerce

PWA for eCommerce

by Alexandra Soloviova May 15, 2018

What is meant by PWA?

To begin with, Progressive Web Applications is an innovation which becomes more and more important thanks to the benefits which it offers its users. PWA can be used both as a website and an application. There are a number of advantages of using it including:

  • an opportunity to work offline
  •  various push notifications
  • possibility to load and have it on the home screen;
  • smooth animations and transitions
  • shouldn’t download PWA in order to use it because it also functionates as a website.

The reasons why PWA can be useful for eCommerce

In general, half of the sites nowadays don’t have a mobile web strategy at all because only some of them have an installed service worker or a manifest file in place. Moreover, eCommerce websites have a lack of some significant functions which Progressive Web Applications own. For example, such websites cannot offer its users to work in an offline mode or to add it on a home screen.

The main aim of PWA is to make the user experience on the web amplified. If you eCommerce business wants to provide its users with effective experience on the web, potential customers with good mobile-first experience and at the same time to increase engagement and conversion rates PWA is the best variant for it. So, let’s consider the key advantages of Progressive Web Applications for eCommerce.

Instant page loading

One of the main advantages of PWA is that it loads all content which is cached instantly. For instance, a user will see main elements, such as the page header immediately without any waiting for it while navigating between pages.

Push notifications

As it was said before another advantage while using PWA for eCommerce is web push notifications. The reason is that with the help of it new clients can be re-engaged with the help of it even when their mobile browser is not opened. A web push notification is not as noisy as an email and people really open and clicks on it more often in comparison with an email.

Payment Request API

Payment Request API is considered to be a simple javascript API. It is built directly into the browser and it provides people with faster, seamless and secure payments. Also, consumers shouldn’t fill in any checkout form in order to shop and complete their purchases.

Offline Mode

Users can also benefit from the opportunity to work offline. Even if they cannot have a good Internet connection PWA allows them to continue browsing. It is work by delivering pre-cached content with the help of Service Workers.

To other benefits belong the possibility to add it to a home screen and ensuring users with full-screen mode. All in all, we can see that Progressive Web Applications are really very significant for eCommerce. It can help to make our business more successful and effective.

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