PWA vs AMP comparison

PWA vs AMP comparison

by Valentyn Kubrak May 05, 2018


In order to stand out from the multitude of competitors, become successful and win the attention of users and recognition of search engines, it is important to be into the newest ideas. You should understand what technologies to use to represent a website fairly.

This article is about novelties that have become advanced in the field of an output of content online. AMP and PWA are becoming very popular around the world. So what is the difference between these web technologies? What to choose: AMP or PWA?


To start with, let’s define:

  • Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an open source technology designed at the request of site creators and technology manufacturers who strive to update the ecosystem of mobile content.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the newest technology that imitates a native mobile application. It uses modern web capabilities to provide the client with a user-friendly interface without installing the app.


According to the Google and Facebook statistic, in many countries, mobile Internet is so poor that people can’t get an appropriate browser experience. Thus, these two giants united to solve the problem and provide all the users with the ability to load pages much faster.


What is the difference between Accelerated mobile pages and Progressive Web Apps? Let’s figure it out:


AMP-pages are opened immediately, which makes the work on the Internet much more enjoyable.

Modern websites are ought to be convenient and fast. However, some pages load for several seconds, and a user simply doesn’t want to wait and leaves the site.

Progressive Web Apps pages are refreshed as fast as possible allowing users to browse the website (that looks like a native mobile app) without any interruptions.
AMP guarantees fast content delivery to users.PWA provides a user-friendly interface and interacts with features such as push notifications, adding icons to the desktop, etc.
AMP contains optimized CSS and standardized JavaScript components.PWA contains Web App Manifest, App Shell, Social Worker, Service Worker, etc.
AMP is appropriate for static content websites like blogs, articles, news or recipes.Progressive Web Apps pages are the best for eCommerce. So if you’re an owner of an online store, do not ignore the technology.  

In addition, if you think like, “An app will definitely complement my brand, but I can’t afford it because of lack of money.” or “An app would be a great decision, but I am not sure that customers will install it.” – so PWA would be the perfect option for your website.


Actually, both technologies are aimed at reducing page load time. You should choose a particular novelty (AMP or PWA) according to the type of your website, content, and target.

Good luck!

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